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Shed Bases

Thank you for taking the time to consider buying one of our beautiful shed products, when doing so please bear in mind one of the key things to understand is the type of ground upon which the structure will stand, you can be assured that we have the answer.

Scenario 1 - Combi Base

You have a rear lawn and have not got a hard standing area upon which to place your shed. No problem we have a ready made solution where we place large square plastic pads on the ground which cut into the soft ground and on top of that we build a wooden levelling frame that settles into position on top of the pads. We can then place your shed safely on this level surface.

This is a Combi Base and prices range from £225 for a standard 6x4 shed.

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Shed Combi Base

Scenario 2 - Subframe

Next you may have some old slabs or a concrete base from a previous shed which are solid but uneven, we have the solution we can build a wooden levelling frame upon which to place the shed.

This is a Subframe and it also provides underfloor protection for your garden building, prices range from £150 for a standard 6x4 shed.

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Shed Subframe

Scenario 3 - Bearers

You have employed someone to build you a shed base or used your DIY skills. This is great, as long as the base is level the shed can go straight onto it. We can check this for you when we install the shed and rest assured we always carry the Combi Base and levelling Subframe just in case it’s still needed on the day.

In this scenario you may wish us to use Bearers to rest your shed on to raise it off the ground and protect it from damp, rot and sitting in water, 3ft bearers are £30 for example.

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Shed Bearers

The Combi Base and Subframe options are both additional costs but we will check with you when you purchase a shed to see if they are required and we can help you decide what is the best solution for your situation.

Shed Removal

We can also take away your old shed or summerhouse for you for £150 - please ensure they are free of items and empty upon our arrival. We will then remove and recycle, you can add this option as you checkout or contact us on if you want to add it on after purchase but before delivery.

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Shed Removal

Customise your Shed

We have included security screws as standard on all our garden buildings, this means you would need a special screwbit to unscrew a door or a panel, giving you an extra element of security for your tools, bikes and storage items particularly if they are in an accessible spot such as a front garden.

There might be some other extras you would like to add though and we can help you customise your shed, bike shed, home office, summerhouse, playhouse, etc so you get the perfect match for your requirements. We can add these after purchase of your main garden building but before delivery so we will contact you to arrange delivery, installation and any extras that you require.

Customise your Shed
Additional Items Available
  • Hasp, Staple & Padlock: shed door security = £20
  • Key Lock: concealed key lock = £35
  • Super Strong Framing: double the thickness of the standard framing so upgrade from 400mm x 30mm to 60mm x 40mm = £60
  • Aqua Shield: a high resin wax solution that helps to prevent water ingress = £40
  • Rhino Floor: double the strength fo your shed floor with Rhino lining, we fit an extra layer of plyboard on top of your inside floor to add durablity = £2 per square foot
  • Work Bench: a 20” deep workbench or shelf for storage, potting or crafting = £12 per square foot
  • Double Door = £40
  • Opening window = £40
  • No window preferred = Free

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