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She Sheds: A New Phenomenon

The She Shed is a decidedly feminine place of tranquility that pays homage to everything its proud owner loves, from books to yoga to crafts.

Why not find another place for the lawnmower and tools and reclaim this wooden garden shelter as your own cosy place?

With our different garden shed designs, you will see that it is possible to turn a practical garden shed into a private place to read or work. A place to enjoy your hobbies, friends, and children.

The Garden Shed can be used as a solitary and studious space, a room for creative expression, a place to relax, a private gym, an office or a place where owners and their guests can relax, drink wine and forget about the world.

The many confinements of the past months and years have shown you that it's not so easy to live all together 24/7 even when it comes to your partner or your children and those you love most. The She Shed allows you to have a space all to yourself. Being alone allows you to recharge your batteries and clear your head. 5 minutes for a phone call, an hour for a nap, an evening for a book...

If you need some inspiration, here are some She Sheds that will make you want to get started.

Quick reminder : if you don't have your own garden shed but would like one, take a look at our website and you'll find our different ranges of garden sheds. You can customise them to your hearts content, so don't hesitate!

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