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How To Move a Shed Without The Fuss

How to move a shed without the fuss

Planning on moving house and deciding whether or not to part with your trusty shed? While they can be expensive to buy and build, you may be asking yourself is it worth keeping or scrapping?

You're not the only one that has this issue.

Many people leave their sheds behind because they simply don't know how to move a shed properly or they don't have the right equipment to maneuver it.

However, a shed offers so many possibilities, whether you just need that extra storage space or looking to renovate the shed to make a beautiful summer house for you and friends to enjoy. Keeping your shed is definitely worth it.

But wait let me tell you something:

Moving a shed is a lot easier than you may think, all you'll need is some tools, a big truck, and some helping hands. Plus to make things easier for you, here's a step-by-step guide as to how.

Here's a tip that may help you: before you start make sure your shed is fully prepared and you use the right tools for the job.

But enough of me waffling, let's jump in.

Moving Shed with five people

Here are the two methods you can use how to move a shed: key tips and tricks to moving a shed

There are a couple of different ways you can move your shed from A to B, depending on your shed's weight and size you should choose which methods are best.

Pipe rolling: This is a method used by ancient Egyptians to move heavy stones while building pyramids. It requires a PVC pipe or rollers underneath the shed and uses gravity and momentum to roll the shed across the yard.

You will need a jack to help hoist the shed up, then while some are holding the pipes in place the others lift the other side up to slide under the pipes.

This is best for smaller sheds to move them from one side of the garden to the other. It can also be used after maneuvering with a truck to help get it to the desired spot in your new yard.

A forklift or trailer: This method is best for a larger shed. You will need a forklift to move the shed across the yard and potentially a trailer if you wish to move it to another destination. It will use a jack in order to help hoist the shed up.

Dismantling your shed completely: This is the best, most effective, and easiest method of moving your shed, and if you are lucky enough that your shed can take your shed apart then it will save a lot of hassle and heavy lifting.

If you are able to do this method it is best for moving your shed to a new location as it makes moving much easier.

How to move a shed by yourself?

There are many ways you can move a small shed by yourself if you don't want to hire a professional to do the job.

But can I move my shed without taking it apart? Absolutely here are the steps to moving a storage shed:

Firstly check the movability of your storage shed:

This is a very important step as not every shed can be moved by hand. It all depends on the size, weight, and materials used in the shed.

To determine its movability you'll need to check the measurements of your shed if it was bought preassembled.

You will also want to make sure you research the weight of the shed when it's empty, whether it's in the instruction manual or just need to take a quick browse on the internet.

  • If your shed is fairly small and light then it can be moved using a truck bed, plus it can be quite easy to with a hand from friends, without having to use any special tools, if you are just moving the shed across the yard.
  • If your shed is longer than 8' and heavier than 300 pounds then you'll need a trailer. It will also require some extra equipment, like a jack, to help move your shed.
  • If your shed is very large and weighs half a tonne then you may need a forklift to move your shed from one place to the other. If you don't have one handy you can either hire a forklift or hire a licensed fork lifter to do the job.
  • You may even find that your shed can be moved via dismantling it, if you can then this is definitely a bonus as it's the easiest way to move a shed. You can move it piece by piece then reassemble either at the other end of the garden or your new home.


Some sheds aren't moveable at all, if it's been concreted into the ground, you won't be able to move it.

You may find this hard to part with your shed when you move but either investing in a new shed or waiting to see if your new home has one is the best way to go.

Empty your shed:

Your shed can be very heavy even without all your belongings inside, so you want to make your life easier empty it all and either pack it separately or move it to a safe place while you move your shed.

It will definitely save the backache or trip to the chiropractor.

Grab the tools you'll be using:

For a small shed, using pipes or rollers is probably best, you'll want to make sure you use PVC pipes or just any lightweight pipe rollers will do the job.

You'll also need any essential tools like a shovel and your standard toolkit. If you are moving a medium shed I would make sure you are hiring a heavy jack or a forklift to help with the job.

Also if you don't want to risk hurting your friend's backs I would recommend hiring shed moving dollies or get two heavy lifters, for a helping hand with the lifting. If you are moving your shed to the end of the garden then this will be enough.

However, if you are looking to move the shed to a new location then you'll want to hire a pickup truck that fits your shed if you don't have one handy.

Prep the area for your shed as to where you'll move your shed:

If you are moving your shed out of your house or even to the other side of the yard you need to move and make sure the ground and your path are clear first, to make the maneuver easier for you.

The last thing you need while moving a heavy shed is to be tripped up by your dog's toy or anything left on the ground, it will make moving a shed a lot more difficult if you keep having to look where you're walking.

You'll want to make sure you mow the lawn and rake it to make your job as easy as possible to prevent any hidden hazards that may cause you to trip. It can also make using rollers or PVC pipes much more difficult.

Then take out any doors or window openings to prevent them from twisting or in some cases breaking during the move, keeping the shed in place. Move these separately.

Dig, dig and dig some more

Unless you have superhero strength you want to dig your shed out of the ground, as over time it begins to sink into the ground.

Moving a shed that has been there for a while will need that little extra push. Don't pick up the shed first, it will add more effort than already needed.

Grab a trusty shovel and start digging (roughy around a foot underneath) especially in the corners so you can either grip with your hands or a jack to lift the shed.

Use extra caution if your shed is on a hill, or the floor is uneven, to prevent the shed from toppling over.

Get ready to start lifting:

Jack up the shed using a floor jack and then use a team on each side of the shed and lift.

If you're using PVC pipes or rollers then lift the shed onto, one side at a time, the PVC pipes. Hold them in place while the others lift the other side and place the other pipes and then begin to push the shed.

Roll, roll, roll, and push the shed:

Just like the ancient Egyptians used to begin to steadily glide the shed along the pipes or rollers, to get the shed moving to the other side of the yard.

Make sure you keep an eye on the surface while moving a shed, little rocks can actually make your life a lot more difficult and also why you'll need to keep your pathway clear.

Take your time, don't rush, and try not to get too much momentum on the rollers as this can cause your shed to tumble over-- not a pretty sight.

If you're not using PVC pipes or rollers you don't need this step.

Load your shed:

If you're moving a shed to a new location you will need this step (get ready this one is the hardest I'm afraid). You will be loading your shed onto the truck.

Have two people at both the front and back of the shed, use a floor jack to hoist up the shed from the rollers first then hold it to prevent it from falling back.

Have at least 4 people to help you with this, two at the back and two on the sides, and gently lift the ramp, this will require a lot of strength and can be quite a challenge.

Once it is on the truck or trailer gently let it down, don't drop it as it can damage the shed, then transport it to the new site or your new house.

Repeat these steps to place it in your new yard, use shed moving dollies to help you with this job instead of breaking your back-- trust me you'll feel it for weeks.

Here's a video that may help you with an alternate method--

How do you move a large shed?

If you don't have a small shed and you're looking to move a much larger shed, then you may need a forklift or tractor to do the job.

For a large garden shed or storage shed, you'll need to firstly try and bring the trailer or truck as close as possible to the yard or the shed. Here's how to move a shed as large as 12x24:

Forklift or tractor:

If you're lucky enough to have one of these bad boys, moving a shed will be much easier for you. You'll need a fork attachment for your tractor though, which isn't cheap sometimes.

But if you have a fork on your tractor or a forklift, for smaller sheds you slide them under the shed floor, lift the shed, and tilt and moving a shed will be super easy.

For a large shed, it will be best to get some straps and tie them around the shed, attach the traps to the machine to keep it in place.

Like you would for a small shed, make sure you remove any doors and windows first to prevent any damage while moving or collapsing. I would recommend covering the shed in braces too to ensure it doesn't fall.

Once you've moved the structure you can either transport it by trailer or forklift if it's not too far. Moving large sheds can be more tricky as they're much bigger.

Dismantle the Shed:

Sometimes the best way to move a large shed is to dismantle it as moving a shed is a challenge as it is, let alone a large one. It also ensures a safe shed move, to keep in mind how much you need to transport.

If you're lucky enough to be able to dismantle your shed it is definitely the best option for moving.

For a plastic or metal structure, remove the panels and other parts carefully. Sometimes these sheds were built to only be assembled once, it can be tricky to reassemble.

For a wooden shed, cut through the nails instead of prying as it can cause more damage than good. If your shed has wood studs and sheathing, take it apart from the outside to the inside before taking the structure part.

Dismantling your shed while moving is also the best way to see which parts need replacing, instead of replacing the whole shed.

Be sure you separate the fasteners to separate parts of the shed to make reassembly much easier, and much clearer if you can't find the assembly manual.

After you've taken off the roof then gently dismantle the structure, be sure you take your time on this step as it will reduce the damage caused to the shed.

Once you've dismantled it into pieces move the shed to the new location and if use the instructions to reassemble.

How to move a storage building:

To move a storage building or large storage shed you will need a strong trailer with hoists to hoist it up onto the trailer.

When moving a large storage shed or building I would recommend hiring a professional to do the job as it can be tricky. Plus when lifting a heavy storage shed or building it requires a professional lift trailer.

Use a trailer with a remote that controls the hydraulics, to slide under the storage building and use to lift it onto the trailer.

You will also need to use a jack up the other end to prevent it from scraping against the floor while being lifted up.

Once it's on the trailer you use the straps to attach it and hold the storage shed or building in place for the transport, then drop the ramp on the trailer down and it should fit nicely on top.

After it is securely tightened using a van to transport it to your new site and repeat this step.

Hire a professional:

Moving a shed can be a challenge and can actually cause injury if you're not 100% on what you're doing, or if you're using the wrong equipment, sometimes it's just not worth it.

You can hire storage shed movers and they'll remove your shed from your backyard and move it to your new house.

But how much does it cost to move a shed?

The price to move a shed usually ranges from $250 to $500 and sometimes more if the shed is larger or is being moved a further distance.

I know this may seem like a steep price but if it saves the hassle then it's definitely worth it, it may save your back too. All that is required is that the shed is ready to be removed and all contents have been removed.


I hope that this guide today was helpful as to how to move a shed. No matter what size or location your shed there is always a way it can be moved, even if it requires dismantling.

Use these steps to move your shed to your desired location, whether its a few meters away or a couple of blocks, I hope these methods help.

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