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A Shed is not just a Shed

So what is it then?

2020 and the pandemic have taught us some important lessons and one of the major positives has been a new found appreciation of our homes and our personal well being. In fact Chigwell Sheds grew out of the first lockdown when diversifying income streams and thinking about the future jumped very much to top of the agenda. It also taught us to focus on new hobbies, fitness, de-stressing, enhancing our living environment and providing an escape at times from our nearest and dearest. Chigwell Sheds has seen some very inventive uses of our wooden garden buildings and we wanted to share some ideas.

A crafting shed or workshop…

We installed a lovely little tanalised Titan 2 Apex F 5x4 in Leytonstone this summer with a 5ft workbench across the back. The new owner then turned it into a crafting workspace away from the husband and the kids giving her a quiet spot to relax but also a storage space for her seeds, flower pots, applique, bobbins and sewing machine.

Crafting Shed 

An outdoor gym….

A Summerhouse is a very lovely addition to any garden and could be used as a teenage den or a tranquil place to sit and read but one use we’ve seen in recent months is an outdoor gym. Many are keen to stay fit or to increase their fitness levels, however, gym equipment such as cross trainers, running machines, exercise bikes and weights can take up lots of room in your dining room or spare bedroom so why not convert your summerhouse into your own personal gym or if you prefer a separate space away from the household for your online pilates class or your downward dog! I would suggest the rhino floor which is an extra layer of flooring installed on the inside floor and super strong framing though if you’re putting in heavy equipment or are going to be jumping up and down but these are not expensive extras and will make a big difference to the strength of your shed.

A wooden summerhouse with verandah


A Wooden Summerhouse with Verandah

A home office….

For some working from home has become a permanent thing and something many are keen to continue to do as often as possible in the future as it can truly play into a better work life balance. One way of achieving this separation could be to have your own garden office or studio and you can go huge and expensive or could repurpose something smaller dependent upon your budget. There are some ideas for you below.

Tanalised Garden Studio

 Tanalised Garden Studio

Cheshire Tanalised Summerhouse


Cheshire Tanalised Summerhouse

Rose Cottage Playhouse

Rose Cottage


We truly believe there will be more inventive and creative ideas for how to use your shed and, of course, there is nothing wrong with just using it to store the garden tools!

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